Death, Taxes, and Trash Collection

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and trash collection. Once a week, a garbage truck comes to your neighborhood and picks up your trash for you. Most of the time, you’ll have set out the trash the night before to be picked up in the morning.

On occasion though, you’ll run the bin out in the morning and hope that they haven’t already come through the neighborhood. This is a pretty mundane routine that most of us probably don’t think twice about.

Most of us don’t really think about the process of trash collection. There’s a lot that goes on to ensure that our trash is safely picked up and dropped off at the landfill. Most areas use a mechanical, claw-like structure to pick up the trash can and dump its contents into the truck.

The average garbage man doesn’t have to leave his vehicle during this streamlined process. This is usually a good thing. However, garbage trucks cause injuries to bystanders each year.

Sometimes a garbage truck hits a nearby passenger car. Thankfully, garbage trucks tend to move pretty slowly due to their constant stopping and starting. But, just because the truck is slow does not mean it doesn’t pack a punch- the smallest trucks can weigh up to 20 tons, which is a lot bigger than the average sedan!

Even slow-moving vehicles can cause a lot of damage if they’re big enough. A good chunk of these are due to driver negligence; road blindness can happen to garbage truck drivers if they’re doing a lot of repetitive motion.

Also, due to the mechanized movements, debris can fall and hit someone walking by. Because the driver can’t always see the trash as it is being collected, it’s difficult for them to make sure it’s being dumped properly.

And it’s not always the driver’s fault that the machinery doesn’t work as planned. Faulty garbage trucks can sometimes be blamed on the manufacturer.

All of these factors can make it really difficult to know what to do if you’re hit by falling debris, or if a garbage truck hits you. It’s not easy to assign blame because the average person can’t ascertain as to whether it’s the fault of the driver or the manufacturer of the truck, or even someone else. When you find yourself in a compromising position like this, be sure to turn to the right people.

If you’re in the Greenville area, Hammack Law Firm is there to help. They’re the experts in dealing with garbage truck accidents. While driver negligence is only responsible for these accidents part of the time, that doesn’t mean you should go without getting the help you deserve.

Getting in touch with a firm who knows their way around these areas can mean the difference between getting your medical expenses covered and having to pay for it yourself.

Don’t throw your chances at getting a proper settlement away! Contact a lawyer when you find yourself in a situation like this.