The Latest Skin Tightening Treatment

As skin tissues degenerate due to aging, so does its firmness or elasticity; this is a process medically termed as elastosis. Aging thins the skin’s outer layer (the epidermis) and diminishes its pigment cell count. And, as the face starts to lose fat, jowls and fleshy chins, neck wrinkles or “turkey wattle,” creases, droopy eyelids, wrinkles, and age spots, will begin to show.

While the signs of aging seem to appear slower in some individuals, there are those who lose the youthful facets of their skin faster. Cosmetologists see bone structure, genetics, poor diet, sun exposure and care for one’s skin over the years, as some of the reasons behind the differences in skin aging. But, whether you reveal the signs of aging faster or slower, slowing down its signs to keep you looking younger by keeping your skin vibrant, smoother, youthful in appearance and beautiful, is possible. Keeping your skin from revealing the signs of aging is real and the only thing you need to do is choose which way you want to accomplish it: through surgical procedure, non-invasive treatment, or through the use of anti-aging products.

Skin tightening is one of the many different procedures to make you look young. It firms up sagging skin on different areas of the body, such as the arms, neck area and the face to make you 10 or 15 years younger looking; you probably know someone, or have seen someone who, at age 50 only looks as if she’s in her 30s.

Tightening the skin on specific areas of the body may be done through the traditional way, which is invasive or surgical. This, however, will require a patient to go under the knife, suffer incisions on the areas of the body to be treated and spend long down time. But then, there are also the non-invasive or non-surgical treatments, one of which is the Palomar Deep IR laser, which requires very short recovery or down time, greatly diminishes pain, risks of scarring and infection, and ensures the greatest results – factors that make this procedure so much more preferred by many clients.

Deep IR involves the use of infrared heat in the stimulation of collagen. It also makes use of the latest cooling system in cooling the skin surface to enable it to still penetrate the deeper layers of the skin for tighter and more youthful-looking results. The areas of the body where skin tightening is most frequently requested are the face, neck or jowl, the sagging area under the arm, and the abdomen. The procedure lasts between a few minutes to about an hour.