Dealing with Wrongful Death Caused by a Trusted Doctor

Death is devastating. Dealing with the passing of a loved one can be emotionally taxing and exhausting. It’s something you should be able to focus on, without having to worry about anything but you and your loved one’s well-being.

Such a vulnerable time in your life should never be more complicated than it has to be. Unfortunately, if your loved one died because of the actions of another, you can’t just mourn them. If you’re suffering was caused by another, you have every right to prosecute them and receive compensation for the suffering they’ve caused.

Having a death caused by a doctor can be especially devastating. We trust and put our lives in the hands of medical professionals every day, and believe that doctors are responsible enough to treat our lives with care and respect. Sadly, this isn’t always true. Sometimes, doctors don’t pay enough attention or make mistakes that can kill their patients. An anesthesiologist that gets their measurements wrong, or a surgeon that makes the wrong cut could change the lives of dozens of people. We put so much trust in doctors because of how much work they put in to get where they are, and to have them break that trust is shocking.

As a small consolation, we have legal recourse in cases such as these. A death caused by medical malpractice can be prosecuted as a wrongful death case. While the settlement from a wrongful death case cannot bring back your loved one or remedy your family’s pain, it can provide some resources to get you through your time of grief, and, most importantly, it gives your family justice. A doctor convicted of medical malpractice is a doctor that won’t be able to negligently harm any more people. It may be too late for your loved one, but it’s not too late to prevent other people from going through what you went through.

If you wish to pursue wrongful death charges against a negligent doctor, it’s essential to have an experienced legal team who can prosecute that doctor to the fullest extent of the law. A negligent doctor is a threat to everyone that they treat, and should be taken seriously in court. An experienced legal team will procure documentation and testimony from other medical professionals proving that malpractice occurred, and will get the deceased the justice that they deserve.

In Massachusetts, the damages received from a wrongful death settlement can be substantial. The hospital that the Massachusetts medical malpractice occurred at can be held accountable for the full wages that the deceased would be expected to produce through the rest of their working life, the value that their presence would have to their loved ones, and funeral and burial expenses. This money can never replace them, but it can make the process of moving on easier. Financial pressure on top of dealing with the death of a loved one can be too much to bear, and removing that stressor can be very important for a family’s path to recovery.

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