Seriousness of underride collision accidents

Individuals are at risk of suffering serious or even fatal injuries when their vehicle is stuck beneath a commercial truck after a collision. Insufficient underride protection is a truck defect, so individuals may be able to file a claim to secure the finances they need for recovery when they got involve in underride accidents.

Trailers and semitrailer trucks are required by the federal government to have standardized underride guards on both sides and at the rear portion to prevent compact vehicles from going underneath trailers of trucks during collisions. Individuals instantly die or are left with incapacitating injuries when their vehicles either struck the tractor trailer’s rear or sides. This happens because the roof of compact vehicles is crushed, directly hitting occupants in underride collisions even at slow speeds. Such accident is also fatal when the small vehicle is crashed from behind by another vehicle. Oftentimes, underride collisions happens in intersections and when road visibility is poor. When semi-trailer drivers make a turn or cross in an intersection during night time or minutes before the sun goes down, compact vehicles going towards the semi may not immediately notice the side of its trailer that is blocking the road. The situation can be worst if the trailer’s side lights and reflective devices are improperly maintained or are not effective enough in making the trailer highly visible. Heavy trailer trucks, even large enough to be seen, also still need effective lighting system to make it conspicuous at all times. Small vehicle drivers are also at risk of rear underride collisions when truck drivers recklessly make a sudden stop.

An article published in NCBI revealed that side underride guards likely lessen the severity of injuries in underride collisions given that such guards are strategically placed in trucks and are durable enough.

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